Elliot’s mission in life is to share his passion for health and fitness in order to help both men and women of all different ages and abilities achieve their ultimate goals. Elliot has experience of a wide range of training methods, such as martial arts, athletics, football and extreme sports. He has also studied human anatomy and this has led to an incredible passion for understanding and promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness and performance.

The zest for understanding and integrating his experiences, knowledge and practical application is what enables Elliot to work together with each individual client’s needs to improve their physical and psychological self.


Elliot’s belief is that any trainer is only as good as the results he achieves for his clients. This is the core focus of Espinoza Fitness’ training methods. Yes the training is a challenge – interval workouts, boxing, weight training, core strengthening, cardio and circuits. The focus on clean eating is crucial. Combine the two and Elliot believes that his clients can achieve their goals.

Espinoza Fitness finds that many people do not believe in what their bodies are capable of achieving. Elliot teaches his clients how to harness the strength and determination that brought them to him in the first place and motivate them to work harder and more effectively than they ever thought was possible. He achieves this by personalising each fitness programme to the individual client and by constantly thinking of new ways to motivate and encourage them.