Georgia Myers9/4/24

After winning two PT sessions with Elliot in a raffle, I finally booked them in. During my initial session, Elliot assessed my fitness level and tailored a workout that aligned with my goals, pushing me to my limits. Throughout our sessions, he was great at keeping me motivated whilst making an engaging and enjoyable workout. In the second session, I once again got the kind of workout I wanted, a dynamic full-body Tabata workout. I wholeheartedly recommend Espinoza Fitness for anyone seeking exceptional personal training!

Ronit Shafran7/3/24

I have been training with Elliot for 8 years and the reason I keep coming back every week is that Elliot pushes me to get the best out of each session. His workouts are tough but he always strikes just the right balance of a well structured and intense workout. He knows how to encourage me even when I think I can't do it. No two sessions are the same and Elliot tailors the sessions to suit what you want to focus on and he is a great trainer and coach.

Jo Stock6/12/23

I’ve absolutely loved training with Elliot over the past 4 years! One of my goals was a flat stomach and to be toned up for my wedding day and we got there! . Generally getting fit and strong was another one of my goals and I definitely kept that up with Elliot’s great knowledge and experience in fitness training - he always had different workouts that pushed me a little harder each time. Elliot is reliable as well as flexible and his studio is awesome.

Lynsey Becker11/5/23

I’ve been training with Elliot for almost 18 months now, as a beginner, having not trained or been to a gym for years and years! With healthy eating and my weekly PT sessions, I lost 1.5 stone within the first 3 months as well as losing many inches. Over a year on, and I’ve still managed to maintain that! My energy levels are so much higher, my moods have lifted and I’m feeling so much healthier and stronger. I enjoy my sessions so much with Elliot. His endless encouragement, motivation and enthusiasm make the sessions hard-work, but fun! Elliot has changed the way I think about exercising and I’ve intergrated my weekly PT sessions and have sustained my new healthy and active lifestyle! Thank you Elliot!

Richard Simmons15/3/23

After struggling to get fit and lose weight on my own, I initially reached out to Elliot to design a bespoke eight-week programme for me. By listening to his advice, changing my mindset, and trusting in him I saw results I never thought possible. I decided that I would need to carry on training with Elliot permanently and have never looked back or felt in better shape. He is the consummate professional and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Gaby Weinfeld13/1/23

"I've been training with Elliot for over a year and a half, starting initially to lose weight for my wedding but after seeing my body transform I couldn't stop. Each session is different, making it exciting and challenging. Even though the sessions are tough the reward is worth it. I would 100 percent recommend elliot"

Kim Woolf28/10/22

I started training with Elliot just before the summer and although I did strength training before this, I felt I wasn’t progressing. Elliot has pushed me more than I thought possible and I am already lifting much heavier weights. Because of him, I now have the confidence to lift heavier when training alone. The sessions are hard and although he spends most of the time shouting at me they are also fun and rewarding!

Matthew Comer13/10/22

Elliot has not only transformed the way that I look and feel but he has completely revolutionised the way I treat my body. From starting out with a 7am Monday session once a week, I now have a second session in the week too, owing to how good they make me feel, when I’ve finally caught my breath! His session are hard work but completely unique and taliored to my needs. Every session is new and pushes your boundaries. Give him your trust and commitment and he will get you incredible results. I’ve lost over 20kgs in 5 months and I’m physically and mentally in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t recommend Espinoza Fitness highly enough.

Cassie Jo Goodman15/9/21

I had my wedding coming up and I wanted to look my best so I reached out to Elliot to help with my goals as I’ve never had much/any self motivation to exercise. Elliot customised my sessions to concentrate on the areas I wanted to focus on the most. Each session is different to the next so I never feel like it’s a chore! I definitely reached my goals and going from 0 exercise a week to going religiously x3 a week was a huge commitment for me and I can’t believe almost a year later I am still in the routine and for the first time actually enjoying exercise!! I would 100% recommend Elliot for anyone trying to get in shape!

Jason Stein1/10/20

When I hired Elliot, my idea of ‘exercise’ was walking up two flights of stairs. Six months later I’m 100 pounds lighter and counting. This is thanks to Elliot methodically developing an exercise programme that works from me. From three sessions a week at first, I now train six days a week with him... I’d do seven sessions a week if he’d finally agree to work on a Sunday. Whether it’s in the gym, in the park or using his home workouts, Elliot’s sessions have changed my life. I can’t recommend him enough both as a trainer and a motivator who will help you more than exceed any goal you set yourself.

Dani Rosenthal2/8/2020

Thank you Elliot once again for organising such a fantastic challenge. A great way to motivate such a large group of us during such a difficult time. I didn’t need to think about anything at all, Elliot did all of that for me and I could switch off and just concentrate on getting my steps in!

Maxine Fisher-Aziz10/7/2020

I took part in the 1 million step challenge organised by Elliot and really enjoyed it and so did my dogs! Elliot was very efficient & organised & updated the group every day and gave us lots of encouragement. I would definitely want to do this again with Elliot running it. Thank you Elliot for keeping me going and managing to finish the challenge early.

Meera Benedict9/7/2020

I came to know of this challenge through a colleague from work and joined it primarily to donate to such a good cause! In addition, it was also such a good way to keep me motivated to try and hit the daily steps to try and achieve the 1 million count! Although I didn’t reach it, I’m proud of my efforts and I’m so glad Elliot got me through the 3 months with his daily reminders and good luck! This challenge has been something to keep me going during lockdown in particular...Going out for long walks with a 3 and 6 year old during lockdown was not the easiest, but the girls got behind me too and my eldest was keen to help me reach a set target per day It has held me accountable, but has also given me something to look forward to and try to achieve each day! Thanks Elliot for setting up and running a brilliant challenge!

Brenda Urinov5/7/2020

Hi Elliot I want to thank you so much for organising the Million step challenge. It really motivated me to do the steps during lockdown. I miss seeing your text in the morning to see how I have performed! Will definitely do it again . Once again well done

Andrea Freedman3/7/2020

Really enjoyed the challenge, it kept me focused on getting the steps in each day. Elliot did a great job of organising it, with daily reminders to send in my step count and encouraging texts when I exceeded my norm. I look forward to future challenges.

Zac Englander1/7/2020

Great challenge to keep me moving and motivated throughout lockdown. Run to perfection and great fun! Really enjoyed taking part in this million step challenge

Melanie Young28/6/2020

Well done Elliot for the way you orchestrated the one million step challenge for the NHS. You gave us information every day about how we are getting on and encouraged us to do our best Mel x

Eliya Nenkova27/6/2020

Hey thanks for organising the 1 million step challenge! It has been a great experience and it definitely motivated me to do some extra activities and walks, especially with the daily reporting I had some days when I kept more active than I would have otherwise! Kept me much more active in the quarantine!

Laurence Fishman1/6/20

Having attended 1-2-1 sessions with Elliot for a few months, he suggested that I sign up for his 12 week fitness Plan. I did, full of self-doubt and a firm conviction that I would fall off the tracks within a few weeks... ...I was wrong. The "gentle" pressure of a daily check-in kept me focused. I reported my food and water intake, number of steps, exercise and body measurements religiously... My reports were always met by words of encouragement from Elliot. The workout plans get progressively tougher over the course of the 12 weeks, but it provided the challenge my competitive side needed to carry me through. Elliot's process has forced me to step back, take stock and flip my mindset. No, i'll never have a six pack and that is ok (!) but I can now do things I haven't done in years (possibly EVER). I couldn't do 5 press ups a few months ago, let alone 150 in one session. I lost almost 12kgs on the plan, feel fitter and am (...mostly...) making better food choices... But that's just it. The rigidity of a diet plan always put me off. This is much more about gaining an understanding of what types of foods are ok to eat and when, and also coming to the realisation that it is ok to have the OCCASIONAL food disaster (!) - just means you need to work harder the day that follows it! More generally, Elliot is a great motivator and knows how to push his clients, in the right way - no bootcamp mentality. Yes, I occasionally want to hit him In the face (with a brick) when he demands "50 press ups" towards the end of a session but, I have to say, I always feel great about life once I've done it. Sweaty, but great. Give him a call.

Jeremy Smith25/5/20

I signed up for the Espinoza Fitness Plan and 12 weeks later feel fitter, healthier and lighter than I have for years. The detailed fitness schedule is hard work but the variety keeps it interesting and challenging. And the food plan is excellent - not a strict diet but detailed advice on what kinds of food are good to eat, and when, so you don't feel like you're restricted. I've lost 1.5 stone, have developed great exercise and eating habits that I'll be able to maintain going forward - and while I used to suffer from bad headaches, I haven't had one for weeks. I recommend very highly!

Sara Rosenthal2/12/19

Thanks Elliot so much for organising and running the 1 million step challenge. It was a great and motivating way to keep on moving into those dark days at the end of 2019. Looking forward to the spring challenge!

Kirsty Pearlman2/12/19

This steps challenge really was amazing, it made me get out in the mornings to go for a few laps of the park and I felt so much better for it - both the exercise and fresh air. It's really made me think about moving more in the office too! Thanks El!

Natasha Tahor12/7/19

Elliot is unlike any other personal trainers that I’ve had. He offers a super personal approach and really does care about your individual goal. He understands your limits but pushes you to get the maximum out of you. Not only has he increased my physical ability but also my mental strength to push myself. I couldn’t recommend Elliot enough!!

Claire Holland9/5/19

I’ve been working out with Elliot on a one to one basis for a couple of months now. His PT sessions are very intense and relentless but you get results, my fitness levels have greatly improved in just these few months. Elliot is very professional and it’s straight down to business from the word go. He is encouraging without being patronising and when he says 50 burpees somehow he gets you to do those 50 burpees !! I can highly recommend Espinoza Fitness

Bianca Kellar20/9/18

Elliot is a brilliant personal trainer. I have seen excellent results in a short amount of time. His sessions are efficient and hard , but somehow still enjoyable. I enjoy his ‘bootcamp style’ and determination to see positive results.

Melanie Goldberg16/1/18

I’ve trained with Elliot for around 6 months. I would class myself as pretty fit and determined, I exercise 3 times a week on my own and have Elliot once a week. Nothing can quite prepare you for a session with Elliot – the exercises are really unpleasant and he works me REALLY HARD! I do regular HIIT sessions on my own, but Elliot- the routines he comes up with are nothing but torturous. I often wonder why I pay for someone to come and torture me in my own home, but then the results speak for themselves- I might not have lost weight – I don’t really get on the sad step, I have however lost inches! Elliot pushes me, more than I would on my own, when I want to give up he works me harder. The best part of any session is when it’s over and Elliot has left.

Lauren Abrams27/11/17

Elliot’s no nonsense approach and well planned out sessions have taken my fitness to the next level. Every session is incredibly challenging and the time flies by! Elliot is really patient despite my moaning and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. My husband now trains with Elliot too and is just as impressed with Elliot. Before I started training with Elliot I never would have dreamed of being able to do 100 burpees as a warm up!

Sarah Maurice13/7/17

The past two months I have been training with Elliot I can really notice the difference in my fitness levels. I find the sessions tougher each week but enjoy the challenge! I'm gaining confidence on a weekly basis from an injury I had and it's the best I have felt in years! Would highly recommend- thanks so much Elliot

Nicole Rajbenbach13/7/17

I was recommended to Elliot six months ago and having had trainers previously I was pretty skeptical he would be able to motivate me to achieve my targets. I am not there yet but I feel much closer than I ever have before. I have lost inches and gained confidence. As much I feel like I can not do what he asks of me, he manages to get me to try and more often than not I can do it - I am sure this is simply because he is aware of my limitations and finds the balance between wanting me to succeed but continuing to progress. Every session has been different which when you have over 30 is impressive in itself, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, of any fitness level, for any reason.

Sara Taylor4/5/17

I started to work out with Elliot by gate crashing in on my boyfriends sessions. I had 3 weeks to get into a dress for a wedding and wanted to loose a few pounds. 3 weeks later and job done! What I didn't plan was how much I enjoyed High Intensity Training. Each week is different and as my fitness has grown, Elliot intensifies the session. It's been 3 months now and although I could 'give it a miss' I love how I feel after & love that my body seems inches thinner!! Always a good thing for a 52 year old. Thanks Elliot for putting up with you know who... you know he loves you really! Hope it's ok but I'm here to stay.

Jacob Colton01/03/17

I have trained with Elliot now for the last 3 years. Whether in a group or by myself, Elliot provides a great range of exercises to suit the ability of the people he is training. Elliot manages the sessions very well whilst at the same time remains relaxed and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Josh Bharier17/02/17

The way I see it, if you don't hate your PT they're not worth your time. Bootcamp on a Wednesday night in Mill Hill is both brilliant and horrifying. Come down and see for yourself, if only so I can have some company while I'm struggling to get that last set of high knees out.

Gemma Posner31/08/16

Elliot has revolutionized the way I train. The difference for me with Elliot is he really loves what he does and cares about the results he is getting with his clients, even when my kids are around and joining in! It isn't just about turning up for a session and working hard, he is totally flexible and focused, knows how far he can push my body and challenges me beyond my expectations. He wants those inches to fall off, running times to get quicker and me to smash the goals we set. Most of all he gets me motivated to workout out of our sessions. Tough work, no question. But the return is worth every second. He's made me a fitness addict and makes me think to eat clean. I couldn't recommend Elliot enough. Def worth getting in touch!

Galia Ziedman26/05/16

What an amazing work out tonight! Can't believe I managed 280 burpees when I could barely do 1 the first time we met. Sessions are always different so I never get bored and I feel like my fitness has improved so much. Such a great feeling of achievement after each session!

Lauren Derman Latner24/02/16

Just wanted to say that Elliot is the business, since I have been exercising with him I have lost 3 inches all over in 6 weeks. Go Elliot!

Nancy Payman24/02/16

Loved my first workout with Elliot! He made me feel at ease and confident he could make a difference. Looking forward to getting into shape post two babies watch this space.

Becca Shafran23/12/15

I have recently finished training with Elliot and cannot recommend him highly enough. I lost a lot of weight and feel so much fitter and healthier since training with him. He also motivated me to do my own exercise in-between sessions, which, as a mum of two, I really needed. His sessions were varied and I enjoyed every one. If you are looking to lose weight post-baby or just improve your fitness, Elliot is the one for you!

Rebecca Sarah Laster27/11/15

I think in the first session I lasted 20 minutes! My fitness has come on leaps and bounds and it is thanks to Elliot. He is reliable and very skilled, the sessions are always challenging but fun, and I can't thank him enough! He is THE BEST trainer ever and such a nice person too.

Debbie Berkowitz18/11/15

Elliot, a week ago you measured my wobbly bits again and low & behold those blooming burpies are working. I've lost 2 inches off my legs, 2 inches off my arms and 3.5 inches off my waist - which is incredible. I've been planning on writing -An Ode to Elliot in gratitude, however, story of my life - I can never find the time & once my little ones are tucked away asleep I'm pretty useless. Hence the need for you in my life! After almost 6 years of very little exercise, I am finally prioritising myself and feeling stronger. And all thanks to you, Elliot. Amazed what two months of your programmes have done to my fitness and look forward to more ...even if it does involve mountain climbers to high knees. So although my poetry skills have failed, a shout out to you is necessary. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes and making our sessions 'fun'!

Lauren Ornstein15/10/15

I don't even think I could jog on the spot for a minute when I first started with Elliot 3 months ago but it's unbelievable the difference in my fitness and also how motivated I am to train - for the first time ever! Elliot's sessions are diverse and although during them I'm complaining a lot I leave feeling energised and happy!

Janina Sharlisse Isaacs01/06/15

Elliot is fab! At first I could barely last 15 minutes in a session, but thanks to him my fitness has become so much better. I have noticed a change in a short space of time. I normally hate doing exercise but Elliot actually makes me want to do it. I would recommend to anyone!

Rachel Gottlieb06/04/15

I have only recently just started seeing Elliot for PT sessions and can really recommend him to anyone who wants to increase their fitness levels and change their body. I have been exercising for years on a daily basis and only since seeing Elliot have I noticed a real change. He is extremely passionate about exercise, provides encouragement and motivation and tailors the sessions to individual needs. I have been doing boxercise with Elliot and although it is extremely challenging, it is an incredibly rewarding workout!

Laura Freedman18/02/15

Elliot is a brilliant, understanding and totally committed PT. He puts every effort into making sessions a great balance between making exercise enjoyable and fun, as well as productive and results-focused. Each session is thoroughly planned and I look forward to every single one! He listens to you and ensures that you are achieving your full potential, constantly explaining the exercises and hurling encouragement. I could not recommend Espinoza Fitness enough to anybody who is looking to tone up, lose weight and find it empowering yet fun. Keep up the great work, Elliot! :)

Nicola Refson14/02/15

Have never been in such good shape - thanks Elliot!

Kirsty Van Der Wens10/02/15

After two years travelling and very little exercise I was feeling pretty down about the weight gain and being unfit. My friend told me about Espinoza Fitness and Elliot is great, giving me the motivation to get fit again! Not only is he an awesome PT, he is helping me with a diet plan so I can shift the weight quicker as well as toning and he has great music taste! Thanks for all your help.

Natasha Buchler16/10/14

What better way to get rid of nervous energy and look forward to guilt free desserts than working out with Elliot Espinoza before your wedding #weddingweekend

Ella Stern18/09/14

Another great session!!! Thanks!!

Jess Mattioli09/09/14

Such great sessions, each week is something new and works you harder than the last. So impressed with the standard and instruction, and have seen insane improvements in my fitness after only a few classes. I highly recommended this PT!!

Jason Stein19/08/14

Reasons for having Elliot Espinoza as your personal trainer: 1) He will push you harder than you will ever push yourself. 2) He'll make you want to die, and carry on at the same time. 3) His gym is air conditioned.

Claire Richman13/03/14

Awesome boxercise session last night, feel like I've been beaten up this morning #goodpain

Gaby Leslie05/02/14

Thank you for last night Elliot Espinoza! The lifts were out of service at Elephant and Castle station and my aching body made it particularly difficult to get up those stairs! Waddling like a duck today. You should be proud. Same time next week?