Welcome to the Espinoza Fitness Home Workout
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Welcome to Espinoza Fitness home workouts


All packages contain easy-to-follow workouts 4-5 times a week, including a weekly challenge to mark your progress. Gain access to the video library for clear instructions how to complete each exercise. Each month gets progressively more difficult as your fitness and strength improves. Be accountable for your fitness as all completed workouts get sent to Elliot – so be sure that you will receive a message if a workout is missed! Get maximum results in just 12 weeks!

Package 1: 4 weeks – £100

Package 2: 8 weeks – £175

Package 3: 12 weeks – £250

Disclaimer: Make sure you are cleared by your personal physician for physical activity before attempting these exercises. The exercises are done at your own risk. Espinoza Fitness holds no responsibility and is not liable in any respect for exercises done at home as part of this package.