Tabata is very simple. It is 4 minutes of intense exercise. Within this 4 minutes it is 20 seconds of exercise, followed by a 10 seconds of rest. There are 2 exercises per 4 minutes so each one will be repeated 4 times. You will start with exercise 1 in block 1, work as hard as you can for 20 seconds. You will then have a 10 second rest and then move onto exercise 2 in block 1 for 20 seconds. Repeat this sequence for 4 minutes and move onto block 2, with a 1 minute rest in between each block. The idea is that you work to your absolute maximum for each 20 seconds. It is natural that you will get tired by the end and do less reps. This is the idea.

Refer to the video library on the Home Workouts page for videos and descriptions of each exercise.


Block 1: star jumps, heel flick

Block 2: skipping, half burpees

Block 3: high knees, jump sqauts

Block 4: burpees, jump lunges

Block 5: tombstone, mountain climbers

Block 6: hop left leg, hop right leg